If you are asking for forgiveness,Take it to God in prayers, not on social media – Nsimah to Sammie who cheat on wife


Different reaction and opinions has keep coming out after Nigerian singer went and play away match with his mistress in America and got her pregnant.

The married singer, Sammie Okposo secret come out after the lady got pregnant for him, and she refused to abort the baby.

The Singer who didn’t have another option, come out to Publicly apologize to his wife and Nigerians over his actions.

The apologize seem to have generate mix reaction.

As some keep commending him for apologizing Publicly, some also condemned him for his actions.

One of those type is a lady identify as Oge Nsimah.

Nsimah took to her Facebook page to react to the man action.

According to her:

American Lady Who Sammie Okposo Had Impregnated Spills

Dear men, can you go publicly to confess your infidelity ?

Half confession is no confession…
Public apology with no change in behavior is no apology..
To me, this is another social media content 😁😁😁..i say make una know.

My friends, you see these 2022, dont be monkeyef?
Dont accept an apology with no change in behavior…

Let me remind you that he can still apologize publicly and still maintain his entanglement👌.

But why they keep dragging us to their private business
is what i dont get😏 Abi, could this be the condition from wifey?

To me this is very embarrassing, Why do we need to read this on social media.If you are asking for forgiveness,Take it to God in prayers. We are not deputy God Stop making us looks like one.

Problem shared on social is problem worsened, dont be surprised when another intimate lady spring up from no where…😏
This is me mind my business.


Oge Nsimah

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