Kwankwaso Overrated, Deliberately Using Peter Obi to Trend – Dr. Ubani

Kwankwaso is now trending on the social media because of Peter Obi, I think He intentionally said some of those words last night on channels Tv, knowing it ll generate much talks about him.

But then someone needs to remind him about this, I don’t want to use the word OVERRATED to describe him but Kwankwaso isn’t far from it in the North and even in his kano state.

Let’s take a little stroll to memory lane about Kwankwaso and his political career in Kano State, He lost as a sitting governor of his almighty kano in 2003, lost again in 2009 to the same person who defeated him in 2003.

He lost also as a sitting Senator in 2019, His son inlaw who had his 100% backing also lost governorship same 2019 so what are we talking about? Even in the Kano, He isn’t in control of it let alone all the Northern states.

Lastly! someone needs to remind Kwankwaso that so many people in the South never knew nor heard of him until few weeks ago when it was mentioned that Peter Obi approached him to be his VP.

Nevertheless I still like the man but He talked down on us and Peter Obi last Night. It was a heavy insult on us for him to think that He was doing Peter Obi or the Igbos a huge favour by asking Peter Obi to be his vice.

What arrant nonsense.

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