OBJ, IBB, Abdusallami and TY Danjuma had a Very Long Closed Door Meeting


After that, OBJ had a very long closed door meeting with Peter Obi.

IBB and OBJ had a separate meetings with some PDP NWC after that, Peter Obi had a separate Meetings with IBB and Abdusallami.

Then PETER OBI was invited to London by the queen. He had a day long meeting with the British Prime Minister in his office under closed door. Two days after he came back, he decamped to LABOUR PARTY.
IBB spoke about a well qualified, Educated, more exposed younger president coming.

Boom. Today, how many days, with no structure, PDP, APC, Social media, Radio station, TV station, mosque, churches, market, streets and in schools the most predominant discussion is PETER OBI.

I pity you if you do not know that PETER OBI is the NEXT president of Nigeria.

Go and write today’s Date.
A New United and prosperous Nigeria is coming.

©️ Peter Agba Kalu

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