“Rearing A Goat Is More Profitable Than Training A Girll In School” – Nigerian Guy Tells Men


He wrote, “Instead of you to spend your money in training a girl in school, use that money, buy a goat and rear. It will give you multiple profits in less than 2 years. Training a dog is far better than training a girl in school,

Again I will say it here, the worst thing a man will ever do is to train a girifriend in school. Especially when he doesn’t have more education than her

Na mumu dey train girl for school. What awaits you if you do is bigger than the moon. E dey always shock the mumu man trust me

(It’s okay to train a daughter, sisters, wives) Because…

At the end of the day we’ll only realize that we were never broke or poor. We were just young. Even in our Walking step, they should see a man full of ambition.” Oriental Times



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