How Prof. Is-haq Stopped Corruption In The House Of God

Prof Is-haq Olanrewaju Oloyede is the Secretary of the Supreme Council For Islamic Affairs and current JAMB registrar.
He performed a miracle at the National Mosque Abuja, few years ago.
After every Jumu’at Prayer, it is a normal tradition for the Mosque committee to raise money for running of the Mosque.
Prof Oloyede noticed that money raised after every Jumu’at prayer never exceeded 13k-14k.
This had been for long. So, one day he decided to personally drop 13k inside the box and the notes were marked without the awareness of the collectors. After every collector had gone round the mosque to collect money from as many dignitaries as usually present at the Mosque, the total money raised still didn’t go above 13k and the particular notes he personally dropped were missing. OK, no problem!

The following Friday, he came to the Mosque with special boxes, the boxes were locked and the keys to them were kept with him.
As usual, the collectors went round the Mosque as dignitaries dropped their money directly into the boxes and after the whole thing, he opened the boxes and over 400k was realised !
Yeah over 400k !
The collectors disappeared all of a sudden !
This happens almost everywhere.
Love for wealth has turned people against their faith and conscience.
Not only in Mosques, Churches are not left out. Corruption is everywhere.

67-year-old Is-haq Olanrewaju Oloyede, a Professor of Arabic and Islamic Jurisprudence is the Chief Executive Officer/ Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB.
Though the agency he heads is not rated a revenue-generating one by the government, Oloyede has in the past five years remitted nearly N30 billion to the coffers of the Federal Government as operating surplus from the Board.
Last year, JAMB remitted N3.51 billion to the national treasury as part of its 2021 operating surplus.

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