LET TALK: Is virgin Lady at the of 40yrs a cause or Pride?


Virginity is a pride of woman they says.

Every man want to marry a virgin, while every parents, mother and father want there daughter married out as a virgin.

Also we know woman reproductive system has expiring period.

The expiring period of women reproductive system is when she reaches her menopause.

At these period, the woman can’t give birth to children anymore.

Most women menopause start at the age of 45 years.

Some begins their menopause at earlier age, which is within 40 years of age, while some at 50 years, they are still seeing their menstruation.

Every woman at 40 years of age, is close to her menopause, that means be it virgin or not when she 40 years old, she is close to her menopause

At this age, if woman, your sister, daughter is still a virgin at 40 years, are going to commend her or see it as cause?



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