SHOCKING! I can’t believe the love of my life turned out to be one kidnapped my father. A woman cried out

A 26 years old pretty lady in Osun state narrated how her proposal masterminded the kidnap of her father.

According to the lady she said and i quote.i never knew my love was the brain behind the kidnap of my father. My father was kidnapped two month preceding to my proposed wedding and the kidnappers demanded a ransom of #10 million. They gave us seven days ultimatum to provide the money otherwise he will be wasted.

Security agents were alerted on how to free my father before my wedding, but they couldn’t do anything to save my father rather they came to press home the ransom demanded by the kidnappers.

When it became obvious that the security agents were helpless we decided to go Spiritual to release him from the kidnappers den. A friend of my father who had a similar experience in the past came to share his ordeal in the hands of kidnappers with us advised us to get in touch with a Spiritualist who is the only man capable of releasing my father through Spiritual means. He gave us the name, address and contact number of the Spiritualist as Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple, I contacted the spiritualist on behalf of the family and he invited me to visit him the following day.

I went there with my siblings and narrated our incapacitation to the Spiritualist. The Spiritualist brought out a spiritual mirror and asked us to watch. We saw about 6 people and one of them wore mask who seems to be my proposal. The Spiritualist asked whether we can identify any of them because they are the people behind the kidnap.

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I told him the one with mask looks like my boy friend that am about to marry before the ugly incident. My siblings also identified one of the kidnappers as a friend who at seldom visit them in their residence .

The Spiritualist CHIEF DR FARAJI asked me to call my lover , but he didn’t pick call. He told us to go back home and look for the money the kidnappers demanded and bring the money back to him for Spiritual incantation and invokation .We actually went home and look for the money, but only able to raised #50 million. We took the money to the Spiritualist and he invoke the spirit of the ancestors into the money and thereafter we called the kidnappers line and begged them to accept the #50 million.

They described a place somewhere very close to ondo state in side the bush where we can drop the money for them .We reported the matter to the police and they accompanied us to down to the place and drop the money. Few minutes later the kidnappers got there and collected the money.

However, the Spiritualist said when the kidnappers collect the money something will happen. So we were patiently waiting until my boy friend ran mad to the community claiming responsibility of the kidnap of my father in order to organize befitting wedding for us. He was running without stopping and continue to broadcast the story after the release of my father from their den.

I was confused and dumbfounded when the police arrested him and his gang. It was there

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i know that my love was actually the leader of the kidnappers.

Now I,m in a state of dilemma to marry the man. I need your advice whether i should go ahead to marry the man who kidnapped my father or leave him finally because my father threatened to disown me, if i do.

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