A little boy of 20 years old in Kaduna state said,he was warned not to give his money to his relatives .Any thing contrary to the warning will make him die Young.

The young boy was said to have been dolling out money to friends extravagantly, but his father and mother including his brothers were all abandoned by him.

His mother had a problem of loan repayment and she approached him to help her, but the boy refused to give her a dime. The mother left with lamentation and annoyance because how can her son be given out money to outsiders and cannot help his relatives. 

After she left the house of her son a woman from no where came and the boy gave her #1 million without stress in present of his mother. The woman didn’t know that the person she met inside the parlour lamenting was the mother of boy who gave her money.

One fateful day the boy organized a birthday party where he invited all and Sundry, but none of his family members attended the party . A man who came to the party asked of his parents to come outside and snaps picture with him to mark the day.unfortunately none of the parents attended the party.

Based on this development , it became suspicious to the man because for anybody to have such wealthy and rich son, The son supposed to be a pride to the family. So the man left the birthday party and asked someone to lead him to the parents house.

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Behold, the parents were still living in abject poverty in spite of the wealth and riches possessed by the son. The man asked why they refused to attend the birthday party of their son. The mother replied he is a bastard and they don’t have anything to do with him. The father said,, thought he didn’t disown him, but it would have been better, if his pregnancy would have gone with voluntarily termination because is not worthy to be called a son .

The man shook his head and decided to go home straight after hearing from the parents. Few days later the boy fell sick and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The medical laboratory scientist were said to have diagnosed the sickness, but couldn’t detect the nature of the sickness. They tried all possible means to ensure the cause of the sickness after diagnoses, but to no avail.

Doctor decided to treat the boy on a trial and error as they cannot understand the nature of the sickness. Since there was no improvement he was referred to another hospital. His friends who were moving around with him became jittery as they couldn’t see any member of his family. So they decided to see a Spiritualist for solution instead of going from one hospital to another without improvement.

They subsequently moved him to Dr Edward Solution temple, phone ( Zero eight Zero eight eight Zero two three two two nine) for Spiritual examination. The Spiritualist said only his mouth will set him free. He asked him to reveal how he become a rich man because the ancestors are not happy over him.

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The little boy revealed that he use human skull to do money ritual and he was warned not to give his relative any kobo and if he mistakenly violate the order he will die. He further said the human skull used was a family member who got missing 2 two years ago.

The Spiritualist told him to go and declare this in the family before he can give him treatment. He reluntantly went back home with the friends and declared how he makes his money in the congregation.

However, he hide the major secret of using the family members who got missing two years ago that was used for the ritual. After the confession they took him back to the Spiritualist, but the Spiritualist said the confession was not thoroughly made. He urged them to be fast otherwise he may die at any moment for not disclosing the most heinous part of the evil committed.

They went back to the community and gathered all in the town hall and confessed the whole evil committed, but eventually died as a result of delay in the confession of his sins.

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