What to do instead of becoming someone you not over societies Pressure


Contrary to popular belief, No one is perfect.

Really, who wants to be?
Certainly not me.
Everyone is Unique, and I think it's certainly something that should be embraced instead of feared.
Yet we have society pressures, the beauty industry, and unhealthy personal relationships can make you strive to be something you’re not.

Eventually this causes low self-esteem and negative body image issues. Breaking free and Rising above these things is a vital part of learning how to Love your body.

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Your body is a Sacred Temple.
Honor your Temple by eating healthy foods, drinking clean Water, Meditating and Exercising, But Even me Sha never Sabi that excercise part

Without doing so, you’ll be continuously trapped in a cycle of Negativity, reaching for something that doesn’t exist.
How do you acknowledge no one’s perfect and that imperfections don’t take away from your Natural beauty?

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A lot of it is about Changing your attitude and ridding the thought that perfection and beauty are entwined.

And that perfection is even something to strive for. Instead of trying to be someone you aren’t, differentiate yourself by owning the things that make you Unique.
Once you stop trying to be perfect, you’ll be able to build confidence in who you are and what you look like.

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Just be FREE
FREE YOURSELF for your Own sanity and well being. Be true to you.
Just Be you.





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