Booking of flight features added on Afrep utility app - Sam Zuga


Timely development and complete of Projects lineups for AFREP Tokens may skyrocket the price in no distance time from now.

Founder of the tokens, Sam Zuga announced early this months of the launch of utilities app for AFREP Tokens.

The utilities app give user ability to load airtime, subscribe to data and TV subscription using AFREP Tokens.

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Update release today by Sam Zuga disclose that booking of flight feature has been enable.

What it means that you can use AFREP Tokens to book a flight, both local and international flights.

Read from Sam Zuga updates below:

We may not be where we are supposed to be , but we are not where we used to be.

Buying of data and other utilities has been suspended after the test run. Everything will kick off when the app is fully set.
We are doing everything with the sincerity of heart and purpose. God will not allow our labour to be in vain.
Watch out for more progress updates.

Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga (The Lion of Africa, Jehovah's Field Marshall)

AFREP Tokens is one of the tokens launch by Sam Zuga Ecosystem.

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The founder of the tokens, Sam Zuga aim to rebuild dying African Economy using Blockchain.


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