2023: Many People Are Wasting Their Time – Father Mbaka

Reverend father Mbaka has a messages from God to Nigeria concerning 2023 general elections.

The man of God who resume service in his church last Sunday after many months of closure as results of his comments about Labor Party, Presidential candidate Peter Obi said he has fresh message from God to Nigerian but he won’t say it now because God instruct him to keep silent.

He however hinted that many are wasting their times.

He said:

“God said I should not reveal it…but as it stand, many people are wasting their time”

“The Lord said that the vision shall surely come to pass even it if tarry, just wait for it”

“If not for the warning of the Holy Spirit I would have given Nigeria a simple solution”

“But just wait”

  • Rev Father Ejike Mbaka
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