Re-opening Deji's closed murder case By Charles Awuzie


Charles Awuzie wrote:

Re-opening Deji's closed murder case…. An enquiry into unsolved murder cases involving Nigerian political class:

Recall that Deji was arrested on December 13, 2018, over allegations he was involved in a murder in Kano in 2005.

Mr Adeyanju Deji was charged with murder in 2005 at the Kano State High Court, but was discharged in 2009 after a lengthy trial.

The police, sensing political influence in the trial of the murder case, filed murder charges against Mr Adeyanju using the same material that had been dismissed by the court in 2009.

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Mr Adeyanju spent 78 days on remand at Kano Central Prison between the day of his arrest until March 1, 2019 when he was released on bail.

From 2018 to 2019, I believed that Deji should have been left alone by the Buhari government. But recently, I began to ask myself if Buhari's government knew something about that murder case which average Nigerians know nothing about.

In the coming weeks, we will reopen an independent investigation into the murder case and how Deji successfully manipulated politics to regain freedom after days behind bars.

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Who was the alleged murder victim? How was Deji linked to the murder? Was Deji falsely accused? If yes, when will he sue those who wrongly accused him? Are murder cases in Nigeria influenced by politics? Do politicians get away with murder in Nigeria?

This is going to be revealing. We are also going to be fair. Campaign season gives us an opportunity to scrutinize the character of those who seek to influence our political choices - this is important because most times, those seeking to manipulate who you vote are doing so for selfish reasons - understanding where such people are coming from could help the naive voter to know why a political influencer could be fighting certain candidates.

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