Omokri share more light on Who found Lagos with 800yrs old Yoruba bronze and 500yrs Binis Bronze

His words read:

The first photo is of several 800-year-old Ife Bronze heads depicting Oonis of Ife. The second photo is of a five-hundred-year-old Benin nobleman. There are several others, and they are mostly domiciled at the British Museum, at Great Russell Street, in London. Their ages were carbon-dated to almost exact precision. Notice that the Yoruba nobleman is dressed in royal finery. The Edo warrior also carries a shield and rides on a horse. These were not civilisations that were limited to a few clay pots and other primitive utensils.

History does not lie. It will be very hard to convince an objective person that people who had achieved this level of sophistication and progress 800 years ago could not build cities for themselves. It is more historically accurate to say that because of their cultural development and civilisation, they built villages, towns, and cities, perhaps with their kith, the Binis, which made others want to leave where they were from to benefit from the progress that existed amongst the Edekiri Lukumi Omoluabi people, now known as Yoruba.

Only two people in the Nigerian project possess documentary evidence of themselves with clothes, shields, metal weapons and organised under one King who was their central authority from at least five hundred years ago: the Yoruba (800 years ago) and the Binis (600 years ago).


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