Video: Young Man strangle his mother, buried her in shallow grave, B..cause she Stop him to fighting his younger brother

Young has been arrested for strangling his mother to death and buried her in shallow grave.

According to Nkirukamma who share the video on her X account, said he allegedly killed his mother and buried her in shallow grave, just because she stop him from fighting his younger brother.

In the follow-up text, Nkirukamma reveal that, the same guy allegedly killed his sister June this year in the same way.

Nkirukamma post read:

“He’s not a yahoo guy and didn’t bury her alive
He actually strangled her before burying her because she prevented him from fighting his younger brother
Upon interrogation, it was discovered that he killed his sister in June this year and also buried her and people thought she eloped with a guy all these while
The guy is a village urchin who does drugs.”

However, date and place where the incident happened isn’t reveal as the time of the this publication.

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