Basic steps on how to make Tiger Nut Drink



2 cups of Tiger Nuts (Dried or Fresh)

1 medium Ginger

10 Dates

1 Coconut (Crack the shell and extract the flesh for blending)

Preparation process

Step 1:
Remove dirt and stone from the tiger nut then soak the tiger nuts in clean water overnight (if you are using the dry tiger nuts)

Step 2:
Rinse and wash the soaked tiger nuts and place in a blender.

πŸ”₯ Remove the seeds from the dates, wash and place in the blender.

πŸ”₯ Peel and pour your diced coconut in the blender as well then add the skinned ginger, a little water or the coconut water and blend smooth.

Step 3:
With a Pap/Cheese cloth, strain the milk into a bowl.

πŸ”₯The first milk strained would be thick then you place the chaff back into the blender, add some more water, blend & strain again till the whole milk is extracted.
(Don’t make it too light for a better taste)

Step 4:
Place the extracted milk drink in a refrigerator to chill up.

Step 5:
Serve cold

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