Sarah Martins: Why married women use dildos for sexual satisfaction

Sensational Nollywood actress Sarah Martins, has advised men to create more time for their spouses as most of them get emotionally disconnected from their partner thereby leaving them with the alternative of getting attention and satisfaction from other sources. Martins noted that it’s important for men to prioritise intimacy with their wives to avoid infidelity.

The beautiful actress noted that a lot of women go through stress and depression because they feel neglected and unfulfilled in their marriages.

Martins empathized with married women who resort to alternative means of satisfaction, such as intimacy aids, due to the lack of attention and care from their husbands. She urged men to recognize the importance of nurturing their marital bonds and to refrain from neglecting their spouses’ emotional and physical needs.

She however soliticited a return to friendship and affection which initially brought the couple together.

Martins said,”Some women are going through a lot in their marriages. Some men can sleep with 20 different women in a day, but find it difficult to touch their own wives.

“Dear men, your wives need attention and care too, touch your wife today, remind her you’re still the man she fell in love with before another man begins to reap the rewards of your investment.”

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