Statistical Application in Analytical Chemist

Statistical Application in Analytical Chemistry

When chemistry begin, many great chemist find it challenging in various ways, which the idea the concept to analyze a large number of sample in such many monitoring devotion to make sure that representative coverage, selection of accurate methods out of many confirm analytical methods, the variation problems in reporting various methodologies chosen in experimenting the sample, familiar with various measure value reported from the same operation in duplicate and unimaginable interrelationship that may exist among data gotten from the analysis. This problem led scientist into collecting data for referral use against which the feature can be assessed.   Prediction and correction of systematic error

It now being confirm that with use of statistical analytical tools, different problem surrounding analytical chemistry and other scientific area could be resolved. What statistic dose is that, it allowed analytical chemist to agree with conclusion with high probability of being correct and to discard conclusion that is doubtful. Error in in measuring Analytical chemistry

As result of that statistical treatment of data assist in ensuring that significance and integrity of values are reported.    Define the following

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