GST102: Use Of English And Communication Skills Ii TMA4 question and answer

GST102: Use Of English And Communication Skills Ii TMA4

Question 1 : The sound /j/ can be found in the word ________
A. bay
B. yet
C. German
D. jet

Answer to question 1 is B yet

Question 2 : When a writer gives examples in a given paragraph they are called ________
A. cause and effect
B. detailed definitions
C. descriptions
D. illustrations

Answer to question 2 is A. cause and effect

Question 3 : The sound /ʧ/ can be found in the word ________
A. chocolate
B. chagrin
C. brace
D. leisure

Answer to question 3 is A. chocolate

Question 4 : The vowel sound /ei/ can be found in the word ________
A. sapling
B. wait
C. ample
D. either

Answer to question 4 is B. wait

Question 5 : In descriptions, you need to be very conversant with the appropriate ________ to use
A. steps
B. structures
C. words
D. idioms

Answer to question 5 is C. words

Question 6 : Illustrations in a paragraph are usually developed with interesting ________
A. commentary
B. paragraphs
C. details
D. arguments

Answer to question 6 is A. commentary

Question 7 : The ___________ of a country determines the way public speeches are presented there.
A. physiological position
B. dynamics
C. empirical situation
D. socio-cultural situation

Answer to question 7 is D. socio-cultural situation

Question 8 : Clarity is very important when developing a paragraph by the ________ method.
A. cause and effect
B. argumentative
C. narrative
D. descriptive

Answer to question 8 is D. descriptive

Question 9 : The vowel /ʌ/ can be found in the word ________
A. moon
B. shoe
C. puppy
D. should

Answer to question 9 is C. puppy

Question 10 : The language of official reports and business letters is often ________
A. formal
B. semi-formal
C. conservative
D. informal

Answer to question 10 is A. formal

Question 11 : In spoken or written communication, being formal or informal depends on ________
A. the situation
B. the geographical location
C. the way we communicate
D. the way we listen


Answer to question 11 is A. the situation

Question 12 : In formal written language the speaker ________ directly to himself or herself
A. often refers
B. may refer
C. may be referring
D. does not refer

Answer to question 12 is A. often refers

Question 13 : A more ________ is needed to achieve a better description.
A. precise vocabulary
B. precise techniques of comparison
C. precise illustration
D. precise writing style

Answer to question 13 is A. precise vocabulary

Question 14 : The vowel sound /U/ can be found in the word ________
A. mood
B. wood
C. mop
D. using

Answer to question 15 is D. using

Question 15 : The use of contracted forms of words is generally absent in ________ writing
A. semi-formal
B. formal
C. traditional
D. informal

Answer to question 15 is B. formal
Question 16 : The sound /i:/ can be found in the word ________
A. mean
B. lip
C. idiot
D. breakfast

Answer to question 16 is D. breakfast

Question 17 : Items like shapes, patterns, colours and textures are ideal in ________
A. an expository writing
B. an argumentative writing
C. a descriptive writing
D. a narrative writing

Answer to question 19 is C. a descriptive writing

Question 18 : In writing, when you work with several causes or reasons, you may find difficulty ________
A. writing about the causes or reasons with details
B. providing specific solutions to the causes
C. arranging them in a significant order
D. defining the causes

Answer to question 18 is A. writing about the causes or reasons with details

Question 19 : The informal forms of words like deteriorate and aperture are ________
A. get worse and opening
B. castigate and infiltrate
C. blow up and take in
D. come across and look into

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Answer to question 19 is A. get worse and opening

Question 20 : The consonant /b/ is present in one of these words
A. born
B. climb
C. comb
D. tomb

Answer to question 20 is A. born


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