CHM101 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry TMA3 Questions and answer

Question 1. Which of these is not an isotope of hydrogen?

Answer is neutrium

Hydrogen have three isotope which are: protium, deutrium and tritium.

Question 2. Sodium hydride is an example of _______ hydride?

Answer is metallic

Question 3. All there can be used as raw materials for the production of oxygen except _______?

Answer is Nitrogen

Production of hydrogen can done by using; steam, carbon (ii) oxide and coke.

Question 4. Hydrogen may used for all except one of the following?

Answer is synthesis of zinc

Hydrogen can be used for manufactured of methanol, synthesis of ammonia. And hydrogenation of oil.

Question 5. Which of these statement is not true?

Answer is alkaline earth metals react with acids to liberate hydrogen.

Question 6. What is the atomic number of the element whose electronic configuration [Ar] 3d104s1?

Answer is 29

Question 7. Hydrogen may not be advantageous as a fuel because ________.?

Answer is it is secondary source of energy

Question 8. All these are type of metal lattice except__________?

Answer is bexogonal

Question 9. Which of these statement is not true of metallic hydrides?

Answer is they are deficient in hydrogen

Question 10. Beryllium is used as a window material for which of the following reasons?

Answer is it is transparent to x-rays

Question 11. Hydrogen can be obtained economically as a by-product in the electrolysis of _______?

Answer is brine

Question 12. Which of these statement is not true of metallic element?

Answer is they form acid oxides

Question 13. In the periodic table period 6 contain ______ element?

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Answer is 32

Question 14. Which of the isotope of hydrogen is radioactive?

Answer is Tritium

Question 15. When alkali metals are heated with hydrogen they form ________hydride?

Answer is metallic

Question 16. _____ type of hydride can be formed depending on the electronegativity of the element?

Answer is 2

Question 17. The downward growth of CaCO3 formed on the roof of a cave by tricking of water containing calcium compound is the reason for _______?

Answer is carbonation

Question 18. _______ forms an oxide also known as heavy water?

Answer is Deutrium

Question 19. Hydrogen may used for all but one of the following?

Answer is synthesis of zinc

Question 20. Which of this is not s properties of hydrogen?

Answer is it has a pungent smell.

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