Chm 103 introductory physical chemistry tma4 question and answer



Chm 103 introductory physical chemistry tma4

Question 1 surface tension is as a result of_______?

Answer is molecules on the surface of the liquid are drawn in what trying to minimise the surface area

Question 2 which of the following element if doped into silicon will give an n-type semiconductor?

Answer is p

Question 3 which of these is an amorphous solid?

Answer is graphite

Question 4 which group of element in the periodic table is known for semiconductor behaviour?

Answer is group iv

Question 5 which of the following element if dopped into silicon will give a p-type semiconductor?

Answer is Al

Question 6 which of the following is true when water freeze?

Answer is a phases change occur from a liquid phase to a solid phase

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Question 7 which of these alkanes is expected to have the highest viscosity?

Answer is Decane

question 8 which of the following is not true of a liquid viscosity?

Answer is it increase with temperature

Question 9 a gas become liquid by________?

Answer is condensation

Question 10 which of these is not true about semiconductor

Answer is the conduct under normal condition

Question 11 which of the following is not true of liquid?

Answer is a liquid never expand to fill the container

Question 12 which of the following is not crystalline?

Answer is polythene

Question 13 which of the following is a pure substance made up of one x of atom?

Answer is an element

Question 14 which of the following is true when ice melt?

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Answer is a phase change a call from a solid phase to liquid phase

Question 15 the density of a crystal depends on all the following except______?

Answer is it geometry

Question 16 which of the following will not diffract x-rays?

Answer is gas

question 17 crystal plane app represented by certain numbers known as_______?

Answer is miller indices

Question 18 which of these mixture is not a nearly ideal liquid mixture?

Answer is carbon tetrachloride and silicon tetrachloride

question 19 liquid will wet a surface if_______?

Answer is the force between the molecule and the surface are greater than the force between the molecule of the liquid

Question 20 which of the following does not influence the magnitude of surface tension?

answer is dispersion force

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