specific precaution against hepatitis b virus (HBV)and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection

An injury that take place accidentally in the medical laboratory through the use of needle such as needle prick when working with the sample suspected or a known hepatitis b patient or human immunodeficiency virus patient HIV. The laboratory personnel who is a victim should be follow up with the following;

For hepatitis B virus infection

HB vaccine and HB immunoglobulin should be given.

The victim sample should be connected and HBV antibody test be conducted for the victim.

For HIV infection the victim should be treated with zidovudine

and a test for HIV should be conducted on the victim.

and a follow up test within 1, 2, 3, and the 6 month should be conducted in order to confirm the status and the effect of the treatment

So in the case of working in the medical laboratory or if you find yourself in that field, make sure that you take the best precaution in order to avoid being infected.

Medical laboratory environment is one of the most hazardous place in the hospital, so code of conduct must be adhered to for your own benefit not for the benefit of the hospital or the benefits of the patient that is coming in, but the benefit of you the laboratory scientist


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