On this post am going to teach you how to do pregnancy test with PT. strip. Pregnancy test can be done with PT strip by either using serum or urine sample.

The difference is that when using urine for the test, you have to wait for 3 weeks to one month from the date you have sexual intercourse before you can achieve an accurate result. But when using plasma or serum, the expected period is between 2weeks from the day of sexual intercourse.

pt test

To carry out a pregnancy test using urine sample, use clean Grease free universal container to collect the urine from the patient, and then remove your pregnancy strip from the seal, and dip it into the urine, leave it for 30seconds and remove the strip from the urine. Allow the absorbed urine on the strip to flow down the strip before reading your result.

Everything should not be more than 60seconds. As the urine sample passes through the strip, if the patient is positive, first line will show before the control line which is the second line that means if the patient is positive, two lines will show as the urine sample passes through the strip.

NOTE: if only one line show on the test strip of the test region, then you have to report the test because that is an error, it mean the strip is not good.  But if one line show on the control region then it signifies that the patient is not pregnant.


On using Serum or Plasma, collect a whole blood sample from the patient then spin it using a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the blood cells, if you do not have a centrifuge, leave the sample on the table to sediment before you do the test.

And doing the test, dip your strip on the serum or plasma, follow the procedure of that of urine and Read result as well as that of urine.

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