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Sharing post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is easier, by using Jetpack plugin. The plugin have many function, on these post we are going to talk on how to share your post anytime you published it automatically to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social media.

We have written on how to install plugin, and as well as the plugin you need as a WordPress beginners.

So we don't have to discussed on that here again, if you have not read on that before you can visit

How to install plugin on your WordPress website/blog

Plugins required to begin your WordPress websites

To read about it.

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To automatically share your post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ anytime you published post to your WordPress, first you must have jetpack plugin install on your WordPress and then activate it.

Then click on the jetpack on your WordPress dashboard, list of menu will display, like dashboard, setting, then click on setting it will take you to page shown below

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On the page above, you can see option on the top of the page where we have performance, writing, sharing, discussion and security.

Click on sharing, then it will take you to another page shown below

On the page above, you see options where it ask you to connect to Facebook, then click connect and follow the instruction to connect to Facebook. The same applicable to Twitter , LinkedIn, and Google+. Click connect to connect to any of the social media your are using.

That is all, after successful connection, anytime you make a post, it will be automatically share to the social media you connected to.

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