A 100 level female student of Uniport commit suicide


Hundred Level female Student of university of Port Harcourt has committed suicide.

According chi Oma who revealed the information said that the lady that committed suicide is a daughter of a former Oyo state Deputy Governor.(not confirmed)

Chi OMA share the on her Facebook wall saying she keep wondering why anyone will choose to commit suicide?

Chi OMA said, “I keep wondering why anyone would choose to take their own life. Why do people choose suicide? Are you going through difficult times? is something eating you up? Open up to someone please. ..I’m even here, you can talk to me. Suicide is never an option. Remember the journey doesn’t end here on earth.

A 100level female student commit suicide.

Dead body of a 100 Level female chemical engineering student of the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport) was today discovered by her course mate in her room at Aluu, Rivers State.
According to source her course mate came to find out why she didn’t come to class because attendance was taken and she wasn’t taking her calls.

So on getting there, she saw her door locked and she peeped through the window and saw the girl laying dead, she raised alarm and people gathered to break the door.
Lo and behold, they saw sniper on the floor and dried blood on her face. The lodge occupants said they saw her last on Saturday. Probably she might have died since Saturday night and only discovered today been Monday.
According to multiple reports, she is the daughter of a former Oyo state Deputy Governor”


As at the time of filling these report, Name and family of the lady that committed suicide is yet to be confirmed.

Also no police comment on the incident for now.

We will keep you updated

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