A Call For Recruitment Of Counselors in Akwa Ibom

As we continue to engage our brains in the dysphoria attitude of some female students in a school we rate as one of the best secondary schools in Akwa Ibom State that has produced great women and they are doing well today even the wife of the governor of Akwa Ibom State Her excellency Deaconess Martha Udom Emmanuel, Cornelia Cornelly College (CCC) is known for outstanding character instilled in students over the years
Whenever a student received a certificate after graduation it’s boldly written that the bearer is found worthy in character and learning even in curriculum and extra curriculum activities
If truly we obtained these while in school there is more to do in character molding in our schools in the local government, state and nation
Unfortunately, these potential wives (in picture) that are today students met unlucky day while trying to satisfy their want at a popular corner (Ibom plaza) in Uyo and camera snapped them, of all the writings none of the post seek or suggest any remedy to this unholy act base on their age but rather look for proper adjective to qualify these students base on their act as if what they are doing is new among students
Without sounding as if I’m abetting this act, may I ask simple questions that demands sincere thought answers, do we think they are wrong in satisfying their thirst, or are they practicing what they have seen their parents, elder brothers or sisters do? Nothing happened by happenstance, the question we should ask is what should be an educational acceptable methods of correcting this mal in our schools especially in the public schools?
I stand to be corrected that both seen and unseen ungodly behaviours by pupils and students are so rampant in the schools nowadays, we need not to sit-down watching this unacceptable characters taking a different dimension everyday, we can’t correct the wrong with wrong approach.
Although their parents have duties to perform in order to achieve this, but their thinking is inasmuch as their children are in schools, it’s the responsibility of the school to mold, impact and train their children without their contributions except payment of school fees, without going too far proper functioning of counseling department in schools is a panacea in coping bad character amongst pupils and students because immorality has gone deep in schools
I thereby call on Ministry of Education to liaise well with the government of Akwa Ibom State through the commissioner of Education to recruit Counselors in our schools or if we have them they should wake-up and act fast in their duty post, strengthening the counseling department in schools if we hope of producing future leaders that will be worthy of learning and character

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I approve this message and I what it to reach the table of the honourable commissioner of education and governor

Hon Ekopimo Ekopimo Edo
Ubium South Ward 1
Deputy Leader Nsit Ubium Legislative Council
House Committee Chairman Education, Youth and Sports

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