​LG Administrators’ Clamour To Remain In Office Sign Of Ingratitude To Gov Bello

By Abubakar Isah Wada

Monday, January 27 is around the corner. His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello will be inaugurated for a second term in office. Feelers have it that the Governor will perform well this time as he is likely to have learnt from the flaws of his first tenure.
One worrisome issue of great concern is that of local government administrators that have over stayed their welcome.
In the eyes of the law, every appointee of government remain dissolved on January 27th except if reappointed after the Governor takes a fresh oath of office.
By legal implications, this means that the tenure of local government Administrators should automatically come to an end that fateful day as they are part of the governor’s appointees.
But will this happen in Kogi where some of these guys are permanent patronizers of marabouts? These are administrators whose tenure elapsed in October last year and they is yet to be an extension by the state house of assembly, but yet they still occupy their positions illegally without any legislative backing in form of extension?
These are the same sets of people that had gone diabolic and believed they can never be short changed and that whenever their topic is being brought for discussion, it will die a natural death. This is so true.
In the history of Nigeria, if not Kogi state, there is nowhere people will be appointed to man local councils for almost four years. Even elected officials can only be there for three years. Yet, these set of ingrates still clamour for an extension of tenure. They still have the guts to say they want to contest to become executive Chairmen. This is a high level of ingratitude.
Some of them should voluntarily thank the governor for this show of benevolence for four years and not to think of using their spoils of office to make their way for another three years. This will affect the APC’s chances at the polls as people are already tired of them

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