Woman accused Uncle of Kidnapping her Son in Benue



Bridget Gbagir has accuse one of his uncle by name Joseph Nyibiam Gbagir of Kidnapping her Son.

Bridget said "MY SON WAS KIDNAPPED BY THIS MAN JOSEPH NYIBIAM GBAGIR. Please if any one comes in contact with him or my little boy BENJAMIN ALUOR GBAGIROGBOLE,report to the nearest security or social welfare and call my my number written on my son's photo.
Am a single mother of 2, I live in Abuja. My family house is located in Makurdi benue state,terwase agbadu. The boy in the right photo is my first son,he was schooling in Makurdi living in my family with my siblings. This man on the left is my step brother,ever since our parents were alive he has been known of so many dubious activities and I have never seen him as my brother because he didn't behave as such. Just last year in May,my siblings informed me that this man was leading my son astray,he was no longer concentrating on his studies. I rushed down to makurdi that faithful morning only to to see that this man had already parked all my son's belongings into a taxi,I greeted him,he didn't answer,I asked him where my son was,he gave me deaf ears and I looked round my family house my son was no where to be found,he had taken my son away the previous night to an unknown place .I cried to the taxi man not to leave that he had kidnapped my son but this taxi man didn't mind me because he was given alot of money as they both connived. The taxi drove out,I picked a Bike to follow them,but he told the taxi man to speed up,we almost crashed,I called out for help on highway but everyone minded their business,,as I speak,from last year till date I have not heard anything from my son or this man and his brothers who connived to kidnap my son,I don't even know if they killed him and dumped his body somewhere because they are capable of murder with a heart like theirs,why would someone steal a helpless boy and see that the mother has no right to know her child's whereabout…
Please friends..I haven't been bouyant enough to act but I can't just loose my son like this, PLEASE HELP ME SHARE TILL IT REACH AUTHORITIES Please"

Meanwhile one of the Bridget Gbagir Uncle Cyril Tivhure has come out to debunked the claimed that Bridget Son was kidnapped by his uncle.

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Tivhure in his statement, said that the uncle took Bridget Son from him and take him to Boarding School.

Tivhure said "This claim by Bridget Gbagir is totally fake and not true , Joseph N Gbagir is an uncle to Benjamin A Gbagir so I am also. The boy Benjamin A Gbagir is under the care of our very senior brother Benedict I Gbagir after our Dad passed away and as it is with the Tiv custom the responsibility of all of us now lies directly under Benedict Gbagir being the first son and the only thing Ben did was to instruct Joseph Gbagir to take Benjamin to school which is a boarding school since he is too young and doesn’t know his way around and we have been carrying out this duties since our Dad passed away.

Bridget is a daughter to our late senior sister who unfortunately decided to be wayward and couldn’t take care of her son Benjamin rather than appreciate what her senior uncles are doing to help her and her son she has rather decided to tow this line of blackmail and deformation of character with the assistance and advice of our step brothers and sisters who were hell bent on sacrificing Benjamin A Gbagir to witch craft.
So please anyone reading her post claiming that Joseph Gbagir kidnaped her son Benjamin should kindly disregard but can rather call Joseph’s senior brothers on the following numbers to confirm.

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Benedict Gbagir- 08053931654

Christopher Gbagir - 08023095188

Martina Gbagir-Uko Essien -08023630779.

Thank you"

While another uncle Michael Chiangi who is said to be in support of Bridget said that what Tivhure said is false.

Micheal Chiangi Gbagir said "Cyril Tivhure, or rather Christopher Mnena Cyril Gbagir, your assertion is very false, untrue, derailed and delusional. Please, be very prepared to give a detailed legal backing on your claim that, “your step brothers were trying to use Benjamin for witchcraft sacrifice.
Bridgets claim is very true as I am aware of every instance. Facts I should remind you are these:

  1. I took care of Benjamin right from infancy, when you Cyril and your brothers all sent the helpless girl packing out of the house with her son and daughter. I trained him in nursery school, primary school to secondary school until Joseph Gbagir your accomplice took him secretly away.
  2. I fed and clothed him till the point Joseph Gbagir, your accomplice brother took him away.
  3. Efforts of trying to find Benjamin since you all ignored calls, and proved very difficult to find, Benedict Gbagir (your eldest brother) rather demanded ransom from Benjamin’s father before he can have access to his son (It’s on record).
    Cyril Tivhure, questions you should answer are:
  4. From infancy till when Benjamin was in JSS2 before you and your brothers kidnapped him, where were you? Why didn’t you take care of him since then? Why now? Or now you have seen a potential house boy in him? Or a money making Machine?
  5. Why didn’t we, the step brothers use him for rituals a long time ago? From nursery? To primary school? to secondary school? (laughable).
  6. Why would you cut off the mother’s access to her son also? She wants to use him for rituals too? You are a pathetic liar.
  7. The contacts you availed, why leave out Joseph’s contact, the accused? Why hasn’t he been picking up calls and the rest of you?
  8. Why have you been keeping away from the lawyers summons.
    Cyril Tivhure, if I can recall correctly, you are the immediate elder brother of the accused Joseph N. Gbagir whom you are also an accomplice. Your acclaimed eldest brother being Benedict I. Gbagir who has been demanding for ransom from the father of Benjamin Gbagir (the kidnapped victim) and Martina N. Gbagir, the immediate younger sister of the accused Joseph N. Gbagir. None of them have ever fended for Bridget Gbagir or her children. The step brothers, Cyril Tivhure, is accusing have been doing that, Bridget can attest to that.
    Cyril Tivhure, you are not above the law, now you could come out with a petty fabricated write-up just to cover up your un-ethical, chronic impunity, inhuman treatment and marginalization of people within your confine, so irresponsible. You shall give a full legal backing of your claims as the law will shortly catch up with your atrocities. Be warned!!"
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