Oyedepo The Business Fake Pastor, Who could not see vision about COVID 19 or heal people affected, Saying Rubbish

By Prince Rich Tee Law

If Bishop David Oyedepo cannot support Government’s measures to tackle Covid 19, I think he should now just simply shut up.

What does he mean by his statement that churches are the target of government measures?

Are schools, sports and airports targeted too? Even government employees from grade level 1 to 12 have been ordered to stay at home. Like churches, these have not permitted to reopen

That statement is reckless and irresponsible. And it simply shows that he doesn’t care one bit about the health and safety of members of his church.

I think he is now taking the respect people have for him for granted, and it is about time Government tamed his excesses.

God is in everyone and everywhere too. Must we worship God only through by going to church? Tell me, what’s government plans for the mosques that are under lock and key? Oh! Yeah! It is not a commercial centre as the church?樂樂

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  1. We need to educate the people that all these priestly wolves pretending to be shepherds while devouring their flock’s wealth and blood should be addressed as they deserve.
    Every Church located in queit residential neirborhood have been a nuisance to the residents. The Church CANNOT cure a headache, and while Science is busy trying to come up with solid provable answers, the Pastors want to resume dancing competitions, ridiculous fables, loud screaming songfest, fake miracles and incomprehensible but entertaining sermons. It’s so unfortunate that other religions see nothing in modern day Church than Entertainment! Shame!

    • It seems like someone is being bias here. The Muslims are holding their usual gathering, what has anyone done or said about that. If you don’t have anything to say shut up.

  2. Let’s face reality. Any girl to link up with here.. I’m not exposed to the world because of the nature of my discipline so I don’t have opportunity to meet a girl of my choice.. I have been searching but all girls appeared to be someone’s girlfriend to me so I loss interest in speaking to them. I’m still a virgin.. My facebook name is clement Onomuodeke..

  3. Anyone that has captioned that about Bishop David Oyedepo is the biggest fool that has ever liveth in the history of life. In fact the web company that gave you a space has made the worst mistake life. Am so, so disappointed at anyone that owns this site. I regret opening let alone reading. Fools like you are destined for hell!!!!

  4. Whoever posted that rubbish about the prophet of God will suffer for what he or she has uttered out of their mouth or typed with their hands.
    You can insult anybody even the president of a country but not a man of God.
    I rest my case.

  5. Why would these website post a statement like these and not indicated the person who made these statement?
    That shows that this is an irresponsible journalism which renders it valuless

  6. Wisdom is profitable to direct, him that has ear let him hear wat the spirit is saying to the church, so say wat u like, only God has d final say,don’t put yourself and family into what was not called for,if he is guilty it left for him and God not the people and him,u did not call him into the ministry so u don’t have right to judge him, last advice ask God almighty for his mercy over u and ur family thanks

  7. So oga after this long criticism about the church,the sole purpose is for people to download your app….?Brovo…slefish fellows of our time.

  8. Please be careful on what you comment about the anointed men of God, I pray you will not bring curse upon your life and that of your generation to come.

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