Man Butchers Twin Brother Over A Woman In Imo State (Graphic Photo)



A man inflicted deep cuts in his twin brother with a machete during a fight over a woman in in Umuonunkwo Kindred, Ndimoko Arondizuogu, Imo state, southern part of Nigeria.

The information collected revealed that the twins who do not behave as one, fight between themselves and do not always agree with the issues.

It was reported that, the problems began on Monday when Paul attacked Peter's girlfriend's child, who didn't leave the child with injuries.

However, Peter, who was not at home when the incident happened went to fight after his girlfriend told him what had happened before.

The fight was degenerated to the use machete which eventually left Paul in bad conditions and fighting for life.

His older brother, Michaal Ogbonna, as he spoke, declared that their father died two years ago and they had tried to enabled them with vocational skills which proof abortive, rather, they always abandon it and ferment trouble at home.

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More information collected revealed that, that the girlfriend has five children for another man and the child in question was not Peter's.

Paul, who was initially treated at Home Resort Hospital at Ndianiche in Arondizuogu, was transferred to the Federal Medical Center, Owerri.

One of his hand was severed from the machete injury, while the other is in bad shape.

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