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I beg to say without reservations that Nigerians are one of the most naive, docile and gullible people of earth. Imagine the most populous and largest African nation on earth with one of the most intelligent people in the world yet remained a country with a never-grow mentality sake for the gullibility and lack of will power therein.

The Edo State politics as it evolves today is yet another revealing truth about the messy state of things in Nigeria. Comrade Adams Oshomole, the APC National Chairman who was once a Labour leader in Nigeria supposedly fronting for fairness, equity, and justice, today is now publicly projecting criminality, hate, injustice, intolerance, and abuse of democratic norms in a reckless fashion.

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The unfortunate part of the entire script being acted is that this same Adams Oshomole took to the podium prior to the last Edo State Governorship election to paint Pastor Ize Iyamu as a thief, corrupt and one who falsified his education records while he projected Obaseki as a Saint and the most qualified and responsible man to lead Edo State as at the time leading to Obaseki's "victory" at the polls.

Today out of greed and selfishness backed by a power-drunk attitude, Adams Oshomole has again taken to the same podium where is painted Iyamu as a devil to revert same on Obaseki as his new proscribed Saint. It does not matter to Oshomole if the Edo people are satisfied with Obaseki's leadership. All that matters for corruption is ego, pride, and selfishness.

And while all these mess is going on, the Nigerian populace, as usual, have taken their sides, for and against. Even in the glare of the misnomer, political jobbers, and praise singers who will always do their job along ethnicism and religious bias induced by poverty will choose to support what is wrong and even when it is clear. The citizens will rather choose to be slaves than stand up against the injustices being meted on them by corrupt leaders.

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This is to further explain the simple fact that Nigeria as a country is governed by corruption, lies, hate, religious and ethnic divide instead of purpose towards providing a common ground and sense of development and focus.

Adams Oshomole is one of Nigeria's biggest rude, crude, and corrupt public officers and politician, and such persons and their likes need to be weeded out of Nigeria's power and governance corridor if the country is even ready to move forward in the first place.

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