From Almajiri to Professor of Political Science & International Relations: The Untold Story Of Prof. Umara Ibrahim Gudumbali.


From Almajiri to Professor of Political Science & International Relations: The Untold Story Of Prof. Umara Ibrahim Gudumbali.

By Mustapha Mohammad Gujba.

Prof. Umara Ibrahim Gudumbali is a professor of political science & International Relations in the University of Maiduguri. An Almajiri that fully memorized 60 hizb of Holy Qur’an, and later joined western education in the late 80s.

He’s one of the most brilliant lecturers in the University of Maiduguri so far. Even as a lecturer in political science department, he can equally teach in Pharmacy, Agriculture, Economic, Engineering, History, Law, Sociology, Islamic studies, Christian Religious knowledge and several other disciplines.

In fact, Prof. Umara today is an;
An Orator,
A Social speaker
A General on the desk
An analyst of immense repute
Expert in Geo-politics
Expert in cyber war
Expert in international relations
Expert in security and strategic studies
Expert in comparative Politics
Expert in Political behavioral studies
Expert in Islamic Political science
Expert in security and defence studies.

When Prof. Umara Is delivering a lecturer, you would see students from different departments coming to attend his lecture, (sometimes the number those that are not his students surpass those that are his students).

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Sometimes, residents of Maiduguri who are not even students of the university of Maiduguri use to come into the school just to attend his brilliant lectures .

For several years, Prof. Umara always come to class with freehand to deliver lecture by harnessing directly from his brain. Prof. Umara can teach about 60 courses (both within and outside his discipline of political science) without using anything written or typed.

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Anytime you attend his lecture, you would hear a new English word that you never heard in your life, and when you check your dictionary, you would find out the word is there.

A dual scholar who blend together the here and hereafter knowledge. A memorizer of holy Qur'an and publisher of numerous journals, Books and articles to his credit.

A renowned Orator and an eloquent speaker, a professional in international diplomacy and scientific in the world politics.

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Seeing him on a vehicle loaded with onions clearly tells us he doesn’t look down at natural endowments and his cultural heritage.
He once served as H.O.D of Political science department, and a visiting lecturer in Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA Kaduna, Nsukka,FUGA, YSU and other Universities.

He’s naturally brainy .


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