How Terrorism grows in different stages



Terrorism grows in different stages: first the terrorists capitalize on the repressive tendencies and irresponsibility of the legitimate government to brainwash the people into hating the government, then, they secure the love and confidence of the people, then, they begin a gradual process towards repressing the people's rights by forcefully taxing them, then, begin to use the people as human shields in tines of military onslaughts against them, then, they turn the entire population in their operational bases to a carnage camp, as they rape, rob and enslave the civilian population as well as exposing them to dangers of becoming the major casualties during military raids, then, they flee and leave the population devastated, traumatized and displaced.

It is important to note that no group comes out with the initial identity of being terrorists. They usually launch in the pretext of being liberators of the people, alternative government forces, the people's army and any of those lies. Their leaders are usually great orators and manipulators, they lie their way into the people's hearts while defrauding their lieutenants.

We must be careful about what we support and whom we praise. Ndigbo are not gullible, but we must avert an imminent disaster on our lands by vehemently rejecting the excesses of IPOB and their leader, MNK. We are an intelligent collection of people, and we must look for more intelligent and nonviolent methods of securing ourselves and safeguarding our political interests. This is no time for political correctness, but a time to use our powers and influence to denounce those cajoling our young and old into their quick deaths and destroying our self-made economic fortunes.

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