Igbos Benefits More in Nigeria, I don't know why they are Agitating for Biafra? - Mariam



I don't know what the agitations for Biafra is all about. If you take a critical look at the Igbos, they benefited more from Nigeria as a country than any other tribe. In fact, they're more Nigerians than other Nigerians. If you go to all the nook and crannies of Nigeria you will find igbos going about their businesses unhindered. In places like Kano, almost 80-90% of the businesses in Sabon Gari and Dakata are owned by Igbos. They have taken over pure water, soap making, electronic, and spare parts businesses in Kano. The same is true in Lagos and all other cities and Towns across Nigeria. But this could not be said of other Nigerians living in Igbo Lands. Without mincing words, go to Ariaria Market in Aba, Upper Iweka or Nnnewi, you can hardly find a simple stall owned by any other tribe, be it Hausa, Yoruba, Tiv, Ibibio or Ikwere in these Markets. Go to Northern Universities, you will find a large population of Igbo students there, but that is not true of Universities in Igbo Land. In my one year of Service at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, I only came across one Yoruba student Ayo reading Linguistics. Other Nigerians accorded the Igbos every rights as citizens to live and work every where they want, but that could not be said of the Igbos. They have a contemptuous disregards for anything non Igbo. This is evident in the words of the Igbo supreme leader Mazi Nnnamdi Kanu and the tacit approval of the Igbos of the actions of the terrorists group IPOB. Upon all the atrocities committed by IPOB on Nigerians and the Nigerian state, no single Igbo leader of note came out to condemned, or disassociate himself with the actions of the terrorists IPOB. And upon all the hospitality and magnanimity enjoyed by the Igbos from their host communities across Nigeria they still cry Wolf.

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