Appreciation letter by DCP Abba Kyati

Appreciation letter by DCP ABBA-kyari’s!!

To all my friends and colleagues in the Office, Please do not be worried. I am Good and in high Spirit. I see this as an Excellent opportunity to relax and spend good time with Family and friends after 11 years of None stop Dogged Fight against deadly Criminals and Killers across the Country.

I thank you all for your dedication and utmost support while I held sway as your Commander. Many of you have become my brothers and friends, and I do not take this for granted. Together We brought innovations in crime fighting and improvements in infrastructures to our organization.

We thank GOD Almighty for all the Outstanding Results we recorded in the Course of Fighting Crimes in Nigeria and the Recognitions we got from the National Assembly, Presidency and many reputable National and international organizations and individuals.

All those who know me closely know that I detest lies. Everything I say and post is the truth. The truth on this issue will come out soonest, to clear all doubts.

To my friend and brother ACP Sunny, my dedicated 2IC, I say a big thank you for the support and outstanding Service to the Nation. To my Immediate Boss and Senior brother AIG Habu Sani, Thanks for everything and we will remain Loyal and grateful Forever Sir. I also thank all my former and current Bosses (IGP Solomon Arase, IGP Ibrahim Idris, IGP Adamu Abubakar and IGP Usman Alkali) for giving me the opportunity to serve my nation. My senior brother and respected Boss AIG GB Umar, Thank you and Thank you Sir.

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To my Immediate family, Thank you for enduring my absence all these years, I am more than Grateful for your patience, prayers and support.

We Can’t thank GOD enough for surviving with all parts of our body intact after taking so much risks in Many battles across the country.

For my Friend and brother DCP Tunde Disu, the New Head of IRT, You are an Excellent crime fighter with outstanding records. I wish you the best in everything you do and I Genuinely urge all my Colleagues to give you Maximum support to succeed.

Lastly, I urge all my family members, friends and supporters not to be confrontational, but to remain calm, steadfast and to Keep thanking GOD for all the blessings.

Thank you all and GOD bless Nigeria.

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