The Relationship/Marriage Between Northern and Southern Nigeria is A Master and Slave Relationship.



Ray Emeana of PDP Secretary, IMO State said;

In 1914, the British brought the two protectorates (South & North) together because of economic reasons rather than political. Northern Nigeria Protectorate had a budget deficit, and the colonial administration sought to use the budget surpluses in Southern Nigeria to offset this deficit.

Southern Nigerians think differently from the North and we have never been this divided since 2015.

Below are reasons why Nigeria is divided

  1. Southerners protested for #Endsars the North says the protest was to remove Buhari. In fact, some elite advise the Northern youths not to join the protest.
  2. Southerners said they want restructuring but the North doesn't want a restructured Nigeria.
  3. Southern Nigeria wants ranching for cattles, the North says they prefer Open grazing or cattle route / Cattle colony.
  4. Southern Nigeria wants VAT for the State government but Northerners refused.
  5. If a southerner is the President, the North will be against the President. In fact, they will preach at their mosques stating that they (southerners) are infidel.
  6. The President Free boko Haram that the former president from the southern extraction arrested. Buhari integrated them into society.
  7. CJN, Walter Onnoghen was removed because he's from South & replaced by Tanko Mohammed from the North. Also, Justice Mary Odili’s house invasion by the Nigerian police shows that it is politically motivated by those in government.
  8. Ex DSS boss, Matthew Seifa from the south was removed within a month of appointment and replaced by a northerner. If Sheik Gumi was a southerner, he would have been arrested.
  9. The president allow Sheik Gumi to work freely despite socializing with Bandits but Nigerian Actor from the South , Chinwetalu Agu was arrested because of the cloth he wore.
  10. IPOB was proscribed as a terrorist but Bandit is not. In fact, the Northern APC imported them during the 2015 electioneering just to unseat the president from the southern extraction that is, if he refused to concede defeat.
  11. Fulani herders/militias are given presidential treatment. The president said Nigerians should accommodate them and create a cattle colony… They kill farmers from the south.
  12. Northern Nigeria opposes most of the things Southern Nigeria desires.
  13. If landowners report to the Nigerian police about the atrocities of the Fulani herders, the police won't do anything. If they killed a southerner, the police won't investigate. For instance, the leader of Afenifere’s daughter was killed by fulani militia but the perpetrator hasn't been brought to book.
  14. Abba Kyari is working freely after an indicted report by the FBI but a socialist, Obi Cubana from the south was invited to show proof of his source of wealth.
  15. The utterances of Buhari: “a dot in a nation, 97% and 5%, etc.
  16. 17 Southern Governors had meeting in Asaba for the first time since 1999, the Northern Elders Forum & Arewa Consultative Forum were against it even when the 19 Northern governors have held meetings uncountable times.
  17. AGF Malami requested that Buhari should declare a state of emergency in Anambra State but refused to ask for a state of emergency in Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto, etc that has been attacked several times by the bandits.
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That's Nigeria of Today.

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