Let Talk: 2023: Are you Not tired of collecting items, ₦5,000 to sell yours and that of children feature?


As 2023 around the corner our Politicians, as usual have started sharing items, and some tokens about of Money to Nigerians just to gain masses support.

After the have worn the election, you won't see them again till next election.

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Yesterday, APC Presidential Flagbearer, Ahmed Bola Tinubu supporters show customize phone Tinubu share to them.

Politicians have graduated from sharing food items to now giving potential voters branded phones.

Reacting to photos of the device, a Nigerian said: “Tinubu will share phones, Atiku will share rice and beans but Peter Obi will share solutions to Nigeria's problems.”

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Now the questions is;

We are tired of collecting items… All dis are to buy there ways but Nigeria 🇳🇬 should think after collecting all and dey got to that sit the hunger will go high… U all should remember that Buhari promised ₦5000 to everyone and also made promise that Dollars will go down to the level with Naira…!!

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Are you not tired of selling your feature and that of your children?




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