A man who was hunted by evil men all his life finally found secret way to protect himself



A 38 year old man from Abe-okuta in Ogun state narrated how he over come the attack of the enemies using a protection ring.

The man who was subject to Spiritual attack said . Enemies started attacking him when he was in the womb according to his mother. His mother was at her last leg in the process of delivery owing to his destiny that has been for seen by the enemies.

Immediately he was delivered. Sickness from nowhere nearly cost his life, but was rescued from the plan of the enemies by a renowned prophet Obadiah Adeyemi now late.

The incessant attack by the enemies continue and unabated in my life and i decided to seek for a protection for my self as a grown up man at my 30 years of age. I ran to some acclaimed powerful herbalist to wash the hands of enemies away from my body, but all efforts proved abortive.

When i explained this to a friend he referred me to a prophet believe to be powerful for the protection of people from attack. I got to the prophet and he prophesied that an enemy from within the house hold of my father was responsible for the series of Spiritual attacks in my life. He asked me to embark on 7 days white fasting and prayer which i did without wasting time. The attacks were ceased for a while and returned in a more difficult form.

I became confused on what to do in order to stop Spiritual attack in my life. I started looking for a Spiritualist who can help me to defeat my enemies in all ramifications. I was introduced to Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple, phone (ZERO SEVEN ZERO, NINETEEN, THIRTY-FIVE, SEVENTHY-FOUR, FOURTY-FOUR)

Infact I have not seen such an anointed Spiritualist who at first sight unfolded the history of my life beginning from the day i was born to day. There after he now asked me my purpose of visiting him. It was then,I attest to his prophesis over my life.

I told him my situation and needed a spiritual solution. The Spiritualist gave me a protection ring which i always wear in my left hand . As soon as i put the ring i felt something within me that a some thing left me.

However, the Spiritualist told me that any one trying to attack me spiritually shall face the consequences. As i got home one of my siblings who has been very nice to me said she have tried always in connivance with others to kill me through Spiritual attack, but they were always defeated.

But something stroke her mind to tell me immediately she set her eyes on me. According to her she saw a mighty angel in front of me who pointed a sword to her face threatened her to confess, otherwise she will die. Those behind the attack was also exposed and they all confessed their sins against God.

All glory and honor to the Almighty for using Chief Dr Faraji to save my life from further Spiritual attack.

In case you are facing Spiritual attack of any kind. You may contact Chief Dr Faraji for Spiritual embalment against attack.

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