How a strange cat was used to defeat a powerful witchcraft in Cross Rivers state

A middle aged man from cross rivers state who doesn’t want to mention his name narrated how he destroyed the witchcraft in 

his village called BOKI community.


In his story,he said Boki is a local government headquarters in cross rivers state. According to him, he has suffered 

untold hardship. Whatever he does always goes to the wrong direction.He moved from pillar to post seeking for solution, but 

no avail. He left his village for Cameroon for a Greener pasture. unfortunately, life wasn’t easy to him in Cameroon too.He 

began to seek for a spiritual solution right there, but the reverse was the case.


As he was thinking and lamenting profusely,he met a Nigerian prophet who prophesied to him how the witchcraft in his 

village mortgaged his destiny at the coven in his village.He narrated his ordeal to the prophet as testimony. The man of 

God prayed and delivered him.The deliverance lasted for a while and problem resurfaces. He decided to travel back home for 

a physical show down with some suspected witchcrafts.


As he step to Nigeria in preparation for the physical combat. He was accosted by a strange old man at the bus/stop where he 

will take a vehicle to his village.The man told him his mission and asked him to desist otherwise he will die. He became 

furiously discouraged, but the old man asked him to specifically look for Dr.Faraji Voodoo Temple in Imo state. He was 

confused, because he didn’t know the place not to talk of the spiritualist.


Since there was no option, he moved to owerri and ask for the address.He didn’t know that the spiritualist is a very 

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popular man saving life of people through the spirit. 


He located the address and on reaching the spiritualist. He told him his problem and proffers solution to him with the use 

of anti- witchcraft spiritual ritual after much incantations.


He certainly went back to his village Boki and use the anti-witchcraft ritual as instructed. The first person among the 

witchcraft who confessed to him was one of his siblings, followed by an unexpected large number of witchcrafts. They  

released all his blessings and he became free from bondage.This was how he subdued the power of the witchcrafts in his 


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