Stop doing everything to pepper your husband’s first wife — Actress Yetunde Bakare tells her colleague, Judy Edochie


Actress Yetunde Bakare called on her colleague, Judy Edochie, controversial second wife of Yul Edochie to Stop doing everything to pepper May Edochie, Yul Edochie first wife.

In a shot post share on her Instagram page, Actress Yetunde Bakare tells Judy all the drama she exhibiting on social isn’t necessary, because it her responsibility to accord same respect she her for Yul to May.

She said “It’s enough that you’re 2nd Wife try to rest and stop doing everything possible to pepper the QUEEN of the house ! If you really respect Yul, you’ll give MAY the same respect you’ll give YUL by the way apple is one of the cheapest fruits”

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