2023: Let all of us Join hand and beg Tinubu to go and rest He is old – Shaban Shuaibu Omoko


Shaban Shuaibu Omoko has called on Nigerian youths to join hand together and beg the All Progressive Congress, APC Presidential Candidate Ahmed Bola Tinubu to go and rest.

Shaban, a blogger took to his social media to make the appeal following what he consider as old age and health issue is the major challenge of Tinubu.

He point out that Tinubu families know the truth, but because they want to be called Mr. President relative, they refuse to tell Tinubu the truth.

In his firsts tweet, Shaban said

“Let all of us Join hand and beg @Official_ABAT Bola Ahmed Tinubu to go and rest.
He is old.”

In another tweet he said

“For the sake of his health, please Nigerian youths, since his families didn’t want to tell him the truth because of they want be called Mr. president Son, daughter and wife, please let join hand beg him.
He isn’t capable of hold fragile country like Nigeria at this his age”



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  1. Nature is stubborn: e no get Ear at all. When it strikes all of them running against Mother Nature will look like fools, but d worst then would be instead of covering their face in shame, they will even tell us in our faces that we must not mock d death when we remind them of these days of our crying our socks off for Tinubu to go and pay more attention to his ailing fragile health, instead of tasking Mother Nature beyond all sensibilities in running for crazy Nigeria election.

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