I ‘Caught’ My Cousin Brother Knacking My Wife, Mother of Two


“My ex wife normally say to me that if she leaves me , there are so many guys want to marry her. But she didn’t know guys are good in destroying people’s marriage and run after they might have knack U, so immediately my cousin brother knack my ex wife, we separated 4 years ago till now she never marry. All those guys that have been deceiving her run, including my cousin brother. Bcos I saw it on her phone how they knack and discuss how to remarry to him. My advice to girls don’t be deceived when U are in marriage however be contented bcos out there is hell. I thank God I have a boy and a girl from her. Right now am ready to remarry bcos for 4 years now decided to stay away from relationship. God bless me with my own wife. That’s my true life story God bless you all”

©️ C. John

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