What I did to find a perfect husband. A lady narrates



A 32 years old lady in Lagos State revealed how she found a true love again was the day her neighbour came to watch football in her house.

The lady who have experienced many disappointment in the past from men was not initially disposed to the offer of love from her neighbour, but later found him to be a true love.

According to the lady, the day my neighbour came to watch football in my house i never envisaged that i will end up marrying him because i have been disappointed severally by men in different occasions.

To be factual, when the man came in to watch football,he said to me that he will be glad to have me as his wife based on my character and attitude towards people around the compound. He promised that,if i agree to love him ,he will never disappoint me.

I thought it was a joke but few days later he came to asked whether i have found a place in my heart to accommodate him .I said no because men are full of sugar coated tongue. When they seek for your love and having given them love. They may end up abandoning the person after using you to satisfy their interest.

So i decided to seek for Spiritual intervention over my experience not to be deceived by another man. I related the matter to my sister who introduced me to Chief Dr Ohanu Spiritual temple, phone++234-806-056-4158, . Address No 43 college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way,Imo state Nigeria.

I contacted him and he asked me to visit him the following day. As early as 6:00 am i woke up and travelled down to his Spiritual temple. I got there in the evening and told him my mission. The Spiritualist after a thorough investigation and examination of the man spiritually told me to consider him for marriage. He is God sent to erase my past and refocus me for the future.

I came back home the following day and when the man saw me he was very happy. He later came into my house and continue to pressurised me for marriage. I eventually considered him and got married to him.

Since after our marriage for over three years. We have no problem and God has blessed us with a bouncing baby boy.

In case you have been disappointed severally by men or women. You may contact Chief Dr Ohanu for solution. He is endowed and anointed to unfold the secret things on earth. Your encounter with him will gloriously put an end to your predicament.



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