Why Gov. Sanwo-olu may lose March 11 Saturday Lagos governorship election 


Netizens has been reacting to the outcome of February 25 presidential election that saw winner of the election lost Lagos to Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi.

Therefore Lagosians are apprehensive the incumbent governor of the state, Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu is presently jittery, a reason he is worried and tweeting every 10 minutes.

According to Netizens, the election that made Tinubu winner of just concluded 2023 presidential election was fraudulent and therefore this will enrage both Igbo and other tribes in the state to ensure Sanwo-Olu don’t win the forthcoming governorship election.

Below are likely reasons that Sanwo-Olu would not win March 11 Saturday governorship election as listed by the Netizens…

• Sanwo-Olu knows there’s fire on the mountain even with his army of thugs.

He knows Tinubu who even with the Arewa votes for Shettima couldn’t get 156,000 votes.

• The Arewa community will not be as committed as they were last Saturday. This will further deplete the votes.

• Civil servants are secretly praying for a new government. Sanwo-olu isn’t too sure they’d vote him.

•The Igbos are not caving in to threats as the safest thing is to vote who will not be hostile to them.

•There are other ethnic groups from Edo, Delta, Northern Christians, ijaw etc who don’t live in clusters like Igbos.

• Most of those who believe Tinubu shouldn’t continue to strangulate Lagos won’t vote APC.

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