We are going to discuss on an introduction to computer on this topic as the beginning of the topic we have the following to cover: practical aspect of computer, and introduction to computer application. You are once welcome to computer information segment.

Shuaibu Omoko is your host.

With advancement in the area of information and technology, it will be paradoxical for any young man or woman not to have a basic knowledge of computer, so as such we know do to schedule busy of work, many of us find it difficult to enroll for computer training. Don’t worry if you are among the people that are too busy to enroll for computer training, hear is another opportunity you to have yourself trained. All what you need is just your laptop or browsing phone with internet access. And finally bookmark this website. you are good to go.

When learning computer as a beginner what you must familiar yourself with is computer window, but before you see your computer window, you must power on your computer, so as such we will introduce you on how to power on your computer and their after you shall learn how to power off your computer.

Powering on computer: to power on computer is simple as ABCD is not difficult all what need is to look for power on bottom on the computer and press it once, the computer will carried out the remaining instruction on till it get to window environment. In case you don’t know which of the key power on key on your computer is, see the picture below

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On the picture you can arrow headed to power on bottom, so that is how all computer power on look like.

Computer Window

What is computer window?

Computer window is a computer environment where all visual activities are carried on or a rectangular part of a computer screen that contains a display different from the rest of the screen.

Bellow picture is a window screen of window 10

computer window

Window 10 screen

Hope you have learn sometthing from our little discussion above.

Our next discussion will be on desktop appreciation

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