water and body fluid

Water play a significant role in our body system. Water contribute the stability structure and function of the entire body system. Approximately 60% of total body fluid is made up of water, even bone is made up of approximately one-third, but adipose tissue is made up of large water in the connective tissue and space between the fat cells

Water perform an essential role in the structure and function of the body systems. A healthy adult have approximately 60% of water that form the total percentage of the body fluid.

Bone also contain water that is how significant water is too human and animals. Bone have one third of percentage of water, while large amount of water are obtain in connection with tissue and space between fat cells. Body fluid is segmented into different layer, and each of the layer is separated with a cell membranes. A fluid that are found within the cell is called intracellular fluid (ECF) and the fluid found outside the cell are called extracellular fluid.

Extracellular fluid is further group into two which are plasma water and intersial fluid.

The intersial fluid are tissue fluid, and it consist of the following;

Cerebrospinal fluid


Amniotic fluid

Water found in the gastrointestinal track

Aqueous humour

Plasma fluid etc.

The extracellular fluid is charge with many responsibility which include;

As an immediate environment of the organism

Act as a transport medium for nutrient and waste material

Other functions include, balancing physiochemical condition in the body system such as;


Osmotic pressure

Temperature etc.

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