BUHARI explod; said he declared his asset, do did Osibanjo

BUHARI explodes

“I declared my assets and the Vice President also did. Those who feel otherwise about our assets declaration should come up with our hidden assets. If they knew that we have more than what we declared then or now, I challenge them to expose it locally and to the international community.

President Muhammadu Buhari

“I can’t be championing ANTI CORRUPTION war and still be lobbying them(NASS) to pass the budget I presented to them about six months ago. Lobbying them with what? I can’t be championing ANTI CORRUPTION war and still be lobbying them(Judiciary) to respect the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, lobbying them with what?
“We must put pressure on the right quarters. Although, we must allow every arm to exercise its due diligence.

  • President Muhammadu Buhari

“I’m not interested in amassing wealth, I’ve never been and that is why I don’t own oil wells and foreign accounts etc. This is the very reason that I’m not in collusion with anyone to share or embezzle the wealth of this nation. As a retired Head of State, my pension, savings, farms and other entitlements are sufficient to cater for my family. Remember, I don’t have seven wives and eighty children. My only reason to take up leadership of this nation is to do the most I can, to do the things that others couldn’t sum up the will to do and without same this nation will continue to pour our Honey into a basket and always be left with nothing. I may not be the best, I have my shortfalls but my intentions are always sincere and noble”.

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“I’m up and against the supposed owners of this nation who want this nation to continue to be the plantation of their political bracket, they have far reaching powers, influence and control than you can ever imagine. There’s nothing that they can not do when they reach a decision and the best part is the fact that you will see their smiling faces but unknown to you that their hands are at work against the wellbeing of the nation”.

“You may think that I am the devil but the devil is right there in your midst and shaking hands with you, they can arm-twist anyone and have their way. We wanted to save in the time of abundance but they will not let us, we wanted to repair our refineries for sixteen years but they will not let us, we wanted to enforce beautiful policies to secure this nation’s economy but still they will not let us”.

Today, we are saving irrespective of what they say or do, we are making our refineries work and diversifying our economy irrespective of what they say or do, we are enforcing policies that keeps the hands of monkeys out of our general pot irrespective of what they say or do. The job is not perfect neither is it complete but we are definitely on it and we will not give up.
Nigeria can not survive with the conscienceless and overbearing influence of these supposed owners of Nigeria, who surreptitiously command every facet of our nation’s socioeconomic and political life.

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Join me in the rescue of this nation or join anyone who you believe without a doubt that same can stop the owners of Nigeria from destroying this nation. Make no mistakes about this, 2019 is between Nigeria and the supposed owners of Nigeria. The choice is yours.

  • President Muhammadu Buhari

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