This is an examination of serum for a particular organism. for these examination, whole blood is sent to the laboratory in a sterile universal container. The sample should be allowed to clot. In other to faster the clothing of the blood, the blood is freed from the side of the bottle with a straight wire and incubated at 37ºC for a short period of time, it will help fasting blood clothing process. After that, the serum is extracted from the red blood cell via Pasteur pipette into a centrifuge tube and centrifuged the specimen to settle some red blood cell that might remain in the serum, then decant the serum from the settle down red blood cells. But in case of complete fixation, it is recommended to keep the blood overnight in the refrigerator before separating the serum from the red blood cells, the serum is been put into a clean sterile bottle and clearly labelled with the patient name, the hospital and the natural status of the specimens, after these it should be store in the freezing compartment of the refrigerator. Test to be carried out depend on the status of health, but in case of salmonella species, there is recommendation of test, this test also inclined with dysentery. In case of brucella infection then agglutination test is recommended, in case of treponema pallidum VD serology is recommended; in case of rheumatoid arthritis streptolycin (Aso tire) is recommended. Finally for virus disease, the viral serology is required.

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