Nestle Company held Balance Diet Programs In Science Government School Abaji

Nestlé company, in a quest to give back to the society, has single handedly sponsored a programs teamed Balance Diet. The programs is said to have take place at government science secondary school Abaji.

According to the report, the programs is designed to educate secondary school students on balance diet.

Below is photo from the event.

In commendation of the good work Nestle company is doing in Abaji area council, Mr. Zakari Lukman Okpaki come out to say that it as huge challenge to other company in the areas, he then called on the name of some of his people to come out and chalange other company, and ask them which action has they taken to touches the life of peoples within the area.

His statement read “Big challenges to other company in Abaji…

I Zakari lukman Okpaki wish to called on the attention of my fellow comrades in Abaji, Alhaji Nasir Aminat Comr Luqman Yusuf Hussaeenee Luqman Abbas Salihu Master AB Lukman Muhammad Bako Ibrahim Nasiru Salihu Abaji Bala Abubakar Sanusee Usman Bala Yahaya Musa Soje to challenge other company in Abaji , what effort have they made to touch the lives of Abaji native

Seeing is believing here is one of the program sponsored by Nestle company held at science primary school abaji . Balance Dien of food within our locality

Nestlé company is only three year old in our dear community Abaji but they have touch so many lives in Abaji compared to other company that were in existence for so many years but no any positive benefit achieved from this company.

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Long life Nestle Company……….”.

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