The way you moan during sex matters a lot!!!! - Ijeoma Ada Jesus


Lady by name Ijeoma Ada Jesus, took to her Facebook wall to share advise on her woman should handle their men on bed, when it come to sex.

She wrote:

Some women are so boring,so archaic and so over religious that no matter how hard their man sex their wet otu and no matter how sweet the sex is,They will never moan!!!they will rather suppress the confession instead of letting out a thunderous irresistible moans.

Please women try and moan out loud when he's sexing you like mofedaku!!!

Shout,scream and Call his name romantically.let your neighbours know your man has a PHD in brutalizing pu*sy.Let them hear your moan and get wet.increase the orgasmic and leg vibrating tempo&volume.

Infact,the louder you moan,the sweeter the wet pot to him.The way you moan tells him your body and soul are into the show.the way you moan makes him to hit you harder.the way you moan makes his erection to last longer and gives him a sense of confidence.the way you moan naturally drives a man crazy.

Stop bottling those dirty and romantic words during sex.Say it!shout it!scream it!Let your neigbours see you the following day and say 'Madam your man na real man him be'.let them see you and envy you!!!

Enough of SILENT SEX biko!!!Silent sex kills the passion for sex.It makes the man feel he is forcing you to have sex with him and makes sex that should last for 50mins to last for 10mins.Don't just lie there like an inanimate part of the sex!!!

Scream and say romantic words like;

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Oh my God


Baby injure me

Baby Labem

Lasiem ike,

My pu*sy destroyer please don't cum now,

Oh baby,

Hit me hard,

Do me harder

It's all yours

Tear it,
Baby wound me,

Ouch ouch!

And sometimes start crying out of excess sweetness of the sex.

During sex,Don't forget to suck his nipples and eat drive him crazy.

Moaning is very important in a relationship.Learn to moan out loud.let your moaning wake a dead person.Let your friends and neigbours know your man's preek is extra ordinary.

Develop your own ringing tones today,it will help your relationship!!!"

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