It Took 48hrs for Ganduje to Balkanize Kano Emirate into 5 parts, Now that people are dying, the governor is yet to acknowledge our collective complains -Dokaji jr



It took an average of 48 hours for Ganduje to balkanise Kano Emirate into 5 parts after receiving an alleged petition from a ghost organization. Now that people are dying, the governor is yet to acknowledge our collective complains.

It took Ganduje an average of 48 hours to dethrone the sagacious Emir Muhammad Sanusi II after receiving another alleged petition from some ghost personalities. But it is taking him ages to note that people are dying!

It took less than a week for a part of the Kano elites to form an “elders club” to oppose the desecration of “Kano Emirate”. Before you know it, they held scores of meetings with the powers that be, both within and without Kano “to save Kano”. They took the Kano State government to court over the desecration and later on dethronement. They held several press conferences to that end. They were worried that a millennium old institution is being abused and molested. That battle is now over with the dethronement of Emir Sanusi, both for the government and the elites. Who will rise to save the Kanawa now?

Ganduje is no longer receiving ghost petitions from concerned (ghost) individuals, and Kano no longer has elders who “take it upon themselves to call the government to order” and “return sanity to the ancient city”.

So, now we’ve seen those determined to fight ” the supposed enemy of the Governor” as we’ve seen those who are willing to fight for “the unity of Kano”, but who will now fight for the Kanawa? They are dying.

Who will visit the President to save them? Who will visit Tinubu at his residence to save Kano? Who will influence the formation of an Abdusalam-like-committee to stop the deaths?

Who will launch a #KanoMeToo campaign against the deaths?

Who will call press conferences and ask the government to do the needful like they did on the Violence Against Persons (VAP) proposed bill? When will we relate our experience with these deaths like we did with being lesbians and being raped? When will we damn the consequences and say the truth?

When will some of the new Emirs narrate moonlight tales to ease our pain? Their supporters nko? If some of them could spend hours telling us how their ancestors sent delegates to reach a truce between the Pharaoh & Moses, they should have the courage to speak to the powers that be. They, for God sake, had ancestors that stood before the Pharoah and spoke some sense into him! When will they? When there’s nobody left in the state?

There’s disease in the land,
there’s hunger in the land.
Blue bloods are dozing off.
The politicians are snoring.
The future is blurry
The masses are hungry
Parents are falling
Families are toiling.
Futures are dying!

Some people have done commendable stuffs. God bless the likes of Dangote, Abdussamad and Dantata. But honestly, we need to do more.

Where are those we fought for?
Are they now fighting for us?
The blue bloods,
the politicians,
the sectarian clerics we vehemently defended,
what are they doing for us?
Is it enough?
Are they giving it their all?
Can we now see that it was never about the us?
The slogans and empty rhetorics
Were about power and the authoritative allocation of values.
It was never really about us.

Kano has no bearing.
Kano has no focus.
Allah ka ceci Kano.
Allah ka ji qan wadanda su ka riga mu gidan gaskiya. Allah ka bamu shugabanni masu kaunarmu.

©Hudhaifa Dokaji Jr.

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